Introduction to Cultural Policy In Turkey, Serhan Ada

Introduction to Cultural Policy In Turkey, Serhan Ada

Cultural policy is governed by a society’s principles, priorities and programmes in the social, economic, cultural and artistic arena. While the term policydoes not carry exactly the same meaning as the word politics used in the political arena, they are somehow related.

Cultural policy and the research and discussions carried out in this field have a fairly recent history in Turkey, although it has been on the European agenda for quite some time. Almost a decade ago, the artistic and cultural scene in Turkey was the first to open a discussion on cultural policy. Subsequently the issue found its place in academic discussion as well on the agenda of official institutions and the respective ministry.

This study entitled Introduction to Cultural Policy in Turkey consists of the writings of academics and experts. The aim of the book is twofold: firstly, to provide an introduction to the status quo of the production of cultural policies in Turkey and their implementation, and, secondly, to define and analyze the components of the field in order to engage in a discussion from a critical point of view.

We hope that this study will pave the way for a more profound and complex research into cultural diversity, cultural rights and cultural democracy and that it will provide a new environment for stimulating discussion.


Türü: İnsan ve Toplum, Siyaset Sosyolojisi, Sosyoloji, Kültür ve Toplum
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